Drafting Services


Eric & Eric Drawing Services offers some of the finest contracting, remodeling, drawing and drafting services in the Adirondacks, encompassing all types of residential construction projects. Since 1972, our talented group of experienced home building and drawing staff have been providing home drawing services that exceed customer expectations. By combining our extensive building experience with modern drawing technologies, we strive to provide the most detailed and comprehensive drawings and plans for your home building projects.

A detailed and thorough set of house plans is truly the foundation of your project. If your plans are detailed & complete, there is a much higher likelihood that your project will run smoothly and on time, without unforeseen extra costs cropping up. If your building plans are poor or incomplete, it can create confusion, frustration, and problems that usually end up costing you more money.

We help you save money before, during, and after your dk project!

Avoid problems by having Eric & Eric draw up precise plans before construction begins. Be specific with detailed interior and exterior elevations, floor plans, and renderings to reflect exactly what you want.


Drafting Services

Just need plans?

Eric & Eric can also assist you if your only need is for building plans. We can work with any builder to make sure your project goes as seemlessly as possible, and we have a list of Associate Builders we can recommend!

Email or call to set up a meeting! Many times we can develop a proposal through a series of phone calls and emails if you reside far away and are unable to meet in person.