History, and why is it called


SINCE 1972, Eric & Eric, Inc. has been a family run business, committed to exceeding customer expectations. What originally started as a summer job in the Oswego area for shop teacher Eric Isachsen, his wife Kit, and fellow teacher Roger Daby (whose middle name is Eric) has grown into a successful company which currently has 10 employees in the construction department. Daby and the Isachsen’s gave up their teaching careers and made the move to Brant Lake in 1972. With their extensive background of construction and business practices, it didn’t take long for Eric & Eric to establish themselves as one of the region’s leading homebuilders. After Daby left the partnership in 1979 to take over ownership of the local general store, the Isachsen’s decided to keep the name Eric & Eric since it had become so well known and reputable.

The Isachsen’s pride themselves on being a local family run business. Eric’s three brothers have all worked for him periodically over the years and his son-in-law, Don Studler, worked as a manager since 1993. “Don’s background in business management was definitely an asset to us,” mentions Kit. Studler became a Certified Graduate Builder through the National Association of Home Builders, the highest certification given by the organization.

Eric & Eric, Inc. has a long history of customer satisfaction and green building practices. The company is a New York ENERGY STAR partner, which means that their homes use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment by reducing the need for excess materials and construction waste. The company is also recognized as a Certified Green Builder through the National Association Home Builders. The Isachsen’s take pride in their reputation for honest, open communication with clients and believe in going above and beyond expectations. 

  Eric & Eric History