Client Testimonials

Our customers often tell it best.

The following are just a sampling of the letters Eric & Eric has received through the years.


Hi Brian,

I can't begin to tell you how great the room turned out. It is more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you so much for everything. You have gone above and beyond for us. Your crew is awesome and we appreciate how nice it was to work with you.

Love Mike and Rose

Dear Eric:

We want to thank you and your crew for the great job you did on our remodel. You have transformed a pleasant, one hundred year old house into a wonderful home.

We continue to be amazed at the convenience and beauty of the new kitchen. The mudroom addition is tremendous with its storage capacity and is the envy of everyone who comes in. The new bathroom is lovely. The tiling done there, in the kitchen, and for the new hearth is all beautiful.

We are particularly grateful for the attention to detail that Mark Gadway showed. Because he carefully matched what we treasured about the house before the remodel, the house has maintained its character.

He is truly a master craftsman. He never settled for "almost right". Things had to be perfect.

We also want to give a "tip of the hat" to all the men and women who worked on our project. They were uniformly pleasant and accommodating, as well as skilled. They were willing to answer questions and explain what they were doing and why.

Everyone in the office was equally helpful. Dan's patience seemed endless as he searched for the materials that would meet our requirements.

We are totally satisfied. Thanks again!

R. & A. Morse
Johnsburg, NY

Dear Eric:

We would like to say thanks for the excellent job your firm did in building a gable entry roof over the landing on our front door.

We were impressed by your company's policy of giving detailed estimates and arriving on time to begin construction. It was refreshing to deal with a company that returned our phone calls in a timely manner, did what they said they would do, and backed it up with a written contract.

The quality of the workmanship is immediately evident to anyone who sees it. The same siding, shingles, soffit and fascia material as the house were continued on the entryway, making it appear that it was part of the original house.

The job site was competently cleaned up prior to the workers' departure. The carpenters were polite and helpful in giving explanations to our questions.

We certainly wished we had known about Eric & Eric when we built our house nine years ago. We would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a renovation and definitely call them to do any remodeling in the future.

R. & J. Clarke
Warrensburg, NY

Dear Eric & Eric, Inc.:

Thanks for the great job on the new roof you replaced. The whole process was a pleasant construction experience.

Your work crew started and finished each day in a timely and professional manner. The crew was courteous and I didn't have to worry about their character. Your company was willing to go the extra mile to please me when others had done inferior work that didn't hold up.

As a do-it-yourselfer, it's nice to know that a professional outfit is just up the road when I get in over my head. I will recommend your work whenever I get the chance.

D. Darrow
Warrensburg, NY

Happy Holidays to everyone at Eric & Eric, and a belated THANK YOU for a beautiful job transforming our antiquated kitchen into our dream-come-true.

I couldn't be happier! We had almost non-stop company from late May through September, and preparing meals was a pleasure. This holiday season has seen lots of Christmas baking, so all the countertop space was heaven sent.

L. Sebald
Warrensburg, NY

Dear Eric, Don and Team,

Just a brief note to tell you how much we've enjoyed working with you during this project. We are extremely satisfied with your craftsmanship, the professionalism of your organization, and the final product.

J. & M. Lynch
Schroon Lake, NY

An Energy Star home

Eric & Don:

Thank you for the great job you and your crew have done on our house. We had been planning our dream house for over six years and it came into fruition in your plans and construction.

We have several friends who are in construction, and all have said that they always find fault with something on a construction site. In this case they not only could not find fault, they said that you went beyond what was necessary, in order to ensure a professional product.

The crew was friendly and responsive to our questions and the numerous changes we made along the way.

Needless to say, we recommend you to all who are interested in any building project in the area.

J. Thackaberry
Johnsburg, NY

Dear Eric:

We've been very pleased with the renovation/expansion work you did on our camp on Loon Lake. The work required a high level of skill, since it involved connecting two existing cottages on piers with new construction, complete renovation of the old structures, and winterization of the whole unit.

The carpenter who was in charge of the work – Dan – did very well indeed. I was impressed with his ability to turn old window and door openings into solid walls that left no outline of the previous opening, even to a critical eye like mine.

He was conscientious about saving and reusing structural elements – windows, some plumbing, and some light fixtures – from the old cottages. In addition, he did not hesitate to show us problems uncovered during construction – carpenter ant damage and a leaking roof – so we could fix them at the appropriate time.

We appreciated your flexibility in accommodating the changes we requested as construction advanced, and your promptness in returning in the spring to correct small problems that required warm weather to fix.

Especially, we enjoyed working with a group in which we had great confidence, so that we did not worry about mistakes when we were not always there to see what was going on.

Our first winter in the camp we were warm, comfortable, and thoroughly satisfied. Thanks for a great job.

R. & K. Henrikson
Loon Lake, NY

Dear Eric:

Eric & Eric Construction has completed several large and complicated jobs for me – the kind other so-called builders would not even attempt. These include a 40' by 80' storage barn, using very hard to handle materials, and work on a house with all kinds of built in problems and a pesky old roof.

Eric and Kit came back again and again, never gave up, and stuck with me through some very difficult weather in order to locate a problem that no one else could solve.

They went above and beyond the call of duty. The workers worked. They were polite and friendly and each man in the crew was a talented builder in his own right.
It's hard enough to do a building project these days. At least I know what construction company to call when I want the job to be done right, fast and on time.

R. Imbrosci
Bolton Landing, NY

On two occasions we've had the privilege of having Eric & Eric do work at our camp on Brant Lake.

This spring they completed the terracing on the front of our lake property. We are thrilled with the outcome. The amount of usable space that we can now enjoy is amazing. It is much nicer than we had anticipated.

As usual, their work was prompt, efficient and professional. We will recommend them to our friends and neighbors.

J. & K. Keilman
Brant Lake, NY

Dear Eric:

Thanks for the fine job completing the eaves and trim work on my house in North Creek. Please feel free to use me as a satisfied customer reference.

J. McArdle
North Creek, NY

Dear Eric:

Twenty-seven years ago, Bill and I saw a log cabin model home and knew that was the type of house we wanted to build one day. Our dream was realized this past year, when we contracted with you to build our log home.

Throughout the process, we were extremely impressed with your professionalism and workmanship. The carpenters were exacting in their work, taking pride in every part of the house they built. The quality of their work is exceptional and evident to everyone we have had visit our home.

We were especially impressed with you and your office staff. No matter how often we called, or what questions we asked, your staff quickly responded.

The openness of the communication among us truly helped us to rest assured that the job was being done competently – especially since we lived over 300 miles away during much of the construction time.

Once again, we wish to thank you for helping us realize our dream.

P. Rose
Chestertown, NY

Dear Eric, Kit, Don & crew:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! - for a job well done!

The original contractor for our dream house went out of business before we got started with the shell. When we needed to look for someone else, we did not know who we could trust, since we lived on Long Island.

Then someone recommended you to us. We looked at some of your work and liked it.

I realized our house was a challenge – not only the size – but also the extras we wanted, but your crew was great. They are highly skilled professionals. Whenever a problem came up, you were always on the phone with us, and we solved them long distance.

My brother-in-law came up last weekend from Long Island. He has his own plumbing business. He was impressed with the great and neat work that was done.

It is good to know that there are still honest, trustworthy companies around. You should be proud of yourselves and the crew. You certainly know how to make people's dreams come true.

J. & B. Frevele
Chestertown, NY


I would like to take this opportunity to express my overall satisfaction with your company's honesty, workmanship and general business ethics.

Our home is very old and was constructed in stages over many years. Therefore, to make the interior/exterior "appear" in-line and balanced is difficult, to say the least. Your crew did this beautifully and their pride in accomplishing this was quite evident.

Beside the superior craftsmanship, your entire crew was always polite and pleasant. I always felt comfortable with the crew, creating an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and suggestions for the overall good of the project.

Your entire crew constantly demonstrated that customer satisfaction is the first priority.

Your project manager, Lee, deserves special mention. He possesses a rare combination of being a master craftsman, with good old-fashioned common sense. An error or omission can impact the entire project. His skill and attention to detail often avoided such errors. If a correction was necessary, it was done promptly and with good humor. He is your company's most valuable asset and best advertisement for quality and worth.

L. Altmann
Schroon Lake, NY

To whom it may concern:

It is our pleasure to recommend to you Eric & Eric Construction for all your building needs. Several years ago we undertook a major remodeling project, converting a small, unfinished cabin into a full home – doubling the size.

Eric & Eric were real partners in our design, showing extraordinary patience as we went through numerous revisions. Their workers are not just carpenters, but artists!

Money has never been easy for us. Thus, when we made this construction investment, we wanted no shoddy work. Eric & Eric made our dream house come true. We recommend them to anyone without reservations.

Rev. L. Mehl
Warrensburg, NY